Katawa Shoujo: SotF

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1. You can modify controls after dying to Lilly once.
2. You can press down+jump to slide
3. You can replay the game to find something more challenging

Katawa Shoujo is a bittersweet romance visual novel where the reader roleplays as Hisao Necktie: a highschooler who has become afflicted with a heart condition that forces him to enroll at Yamaku, a school designed for physically disabled students. Hisao eventually copes with his new condition and regains a new outlook in life with the help of one of the five possible romantic interest; all crippled in some way or form.

Katawa Shoujo: Symphony of the Feminists is something completely different.

Go download Katawa Shoujo and stop reading this

Music credits:
rockman Z4 OST - Power field
Konami - Dance of Illusions
Fist of the North Star - Kenshiro no Theme

Did I mention you guys gave awesome reviews? The praises were great but the criticisms were even better, it lets me know exactly what players liked and hated. All other reviews I've read elsewhere are one line spams that are shit, but this? this is pure gold. Thanks for putting time into this.


This is rather enjoyable if you are into the boss battle only types of games.

I believe your controls were fine and the main boss was rather easy (after I died once and learnt how to dodge her moves) but you did fail to mention what "C" actually did (You can throw items). I thought it was to punch the enemy and I was way off. I found the rubber band/boomerang to be more useful than the molotov (collect them by hitting the candles on the wall).

The sliding only really helps when you fight the second boss (shh it's a secret) to dodge his laser attack and dive under him when he jumps. I found the second boss much more entertaining and a bit more frustrating (I died 20+ times) but after learning to hit his missiles, run away from his triple bomb attack, jump over his sword dash, slide and hit when he does his laser (timing is precise), jump away from him when he teleports and throwing my boomerang things I finally killed him. Then I find out you haven't actually played Castlevania so my first impression was slightly put off.

I'm giving 4.5 stars (0.5 lost because of a lack of explanation)
Good game and would like to see a full version or just some more random boss battles.

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Boring pretty much sums up my thoughts, so here's the reason why.

Concept: Make a game that tributes Castlevania.

Aesthetic: Nothing really stands out but the old school style is done well.

Story: pretty much a slightly humorous parody of real life people who find fictional characters attractive.Nothing about the story is very interesting given that it's way too short. In all honesty a story for this game was just a waste of time, the game isn't long enough for me to care about anything thats going on. Stories are for a game that will keep your attention for a lengthy period of time.

Game play: In a word, bland. You barely go through a level picking up items that don't do shit and if they do the game doesn't bother to explain. The controls feel stiff, the slide control is functional most of the time but can be unresponsive. animations are boring to look at despite probably being based on Castlevania. Which probably wouldn't be the case if the controls weren't stiff as a board.

After a quick run through in a poor excuse of a level, fighting the "Final Boss" was just a chore. She barely leaves any dodging room (particularly when she launches fireballs in the air) so your strategy LITERALLY is "get hit as little as possible" and you ARE going to get hit. The slide function is USELESS, thanks to the stiff controls there's little time for you to initiate a slide-jump combo before she teleports to avoid your....scarf of doom. When she unleashes black energy balls you only have enough time to dodge---oh wait I just found out the C button actually does something would've been very helpful to know that you had to ACQUIRE A ROPE-PRETZEL-BOOMERANG THINGY for the C button to work properly in that poor tutorial. I Thought it was a punch that wasn't programmed.

After two deaths I defeated her with my scarf/whip only and was treated with the ending of a story to an almost literally 5 minute game. Of course as stated before this isn't that kind of game. You can't just slap in a story to a half baked game and expect people to care about your characters.

Overall: Needs more work If this game sole purpose was to parody the end of Castlevania fine. But the "tutorial" sucks and is unclear it's more like making sure your keyboard works. The controls are stiff and the slide button is half-responsive, The story just feels shunned in and the game is so short and boring that I realize I just wasted 10 minutes that could be spent doing something more interesting/ productive.

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I couldn't stop laughing at Lilly only being able to "Ara ara~"

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So freaking difficult, but extremely fun!! I like the spin you put on a classic game :D Its amazingly challenging, and almost impossible if you play again ;D Its pretty flawless, though I think there are a few moves from Richter that I think should have been incorporated in as well (Namely, being able to sliding-jump kick after doing a crouch-dash) XD haha Overall, nice job :D

omg...so hard and soooo nice
Ps:need more weapons and MO...this way was too simple...

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Feb 18, 2012
4:57 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop