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Snappy 2UP

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IT'S A CARD MATCHING BATTLE AGAINST A FRIEND! Who's got the quickest reactions? Or if there's no-one around take on the CPU.

There's 3 decks to play with to test your eyes, ears and word/color-part-of-the-br ain-thing.

Use the keyboard to 'TICK' matching cards or 'DEAL':

1UP TICK = "DOWN" key
1UP DEAL = "UP" key

2UP TICK = "A" key
2UP DEAL = "Q" key

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Awesome idea making a 2P version for this. The controls are easy to get used to, the interface just as slick as always, the sound effects fun and funky and the variation keeps you entertained for quite some time. Nice work!


Cute, challenging! I like it and would be fun.. you have to learn on your own though :P

iojoe responds:

Thanks AarenThing! Glad you worked it out - it's basically the card game "Snap". I'm going to update it to have slightly clearer instructions on the main menu.

It is hard, but it is cute and smoothly animated. Could be entertaining for a while!

iojoe responds:

Thanks lexicona! The CPU difficulty was tricky to judge. I think it is best when played against another person on the same keyboard

Confusing and hard at first , I guess its alright. Not my cup of tea.

iojoe responds:

Thanks for trying it . Btw. if you're looking for something with more action my last game on NG was Gingerbread Circus 3 - biscuits go well with a cup of tea ;)

Cool game idea, controls some getting used to, especially if you want to beat the computer. I'd also like a little more instruction than the weird pictograms at the bottom of the main menu =)

iojoe responds:

Thanks for the feedback SyntheticBeast! I take your point about the instructions and I'll update the game for future players.