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Time Retrieval Force

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Author Comments

There seems to be an issue with dimension traveling.

This is a hostile environment.

This is an odd one of those games, just saying.

Update: Made the game generally easier. The fix for any screwy camera work is to move a few steps in the opposite direction, back into view, and then it should re-adjust.

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I really enjoyed the game; the story was pretty good, it challenges you, the idea is creative, and i'm a little embarrased to say but I found the girls pretty hot with they're looks, feet and personality ;) *sad that there isn't a sequel*

Decent story and decent, if repetitive, music, but that's all I liked about it.

You need to work on your drawing skills, as all the girls had the same marshmallow face.
Passing the tinies off as "retro" is no excuse for bad pixel art; more importantly they don't even match the style of the rest of the game environment.

More importantly the gameplay has no merit. I ended up skipping through the rest of the game after i reached level three. There is no way to predict the giantess's movement much less avoid her foot besides sheer luck. As has been mentioned tacks are pointless as they cannot be put down and don't even save the personnel when they get stepped on.

Overall, I like the concept but the art and gameplay will have to be completely reworked for this game to be fun.

fun game tough as hell great job

Whompy responds:


Man, I passed the third lvl, it wasn't so hard... But in the fourth one, the karate kid girl just kept stepping on me AT ALL TIME i mean i was always in red, couldnt move or do ANYTHING soo... the game ended there.

Seriously, when I opened the game IN FRONT PAGE and it started i was extremely interested, seemed like a good story and the old fashioned grafics are just my deal... But this is no game! This is a torture man :(

Anyway, im sure you tried your best to entertain people here, since ive seen you answer questions and have made changes in the game difficulty. I'm sorry i cant give u any more stars. Keep up the hard work and you will make great games!

Level 3, the time teleporter that moves, I've never seen it. It's rather hard to save people if you can't save them. Plus the foot moves you out of the safe places.

Whompy responds:

Bottom right.