V-Day Violet Poker

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Sorry for posting this so late. You saw the Blackjack version earlier in the week. This is the Poker version.

This is our Pleasure Bon Bon Character Violet. Come play a game of Strip Poker with her in her Valentine's Day outfit.

In this version of the game, you can strip her down to her lingerie (bra and panties). Still a fun Poker game otherwise.

We wanted to give away this fun teaser for the Valentine's Day for the furry fans!

It's free. Better than nothing.

This is the newest artwork for 2012!


Pretty poker, but i was dissapointed when i won before she got undressed fully

This free version is actually more generous than the other ones since you get to see quite a bit of her nipples. It's also "slightly" better that you have 4 pieces of clothing instead of the usual 3. That said, it still seems unfair since you can't gain them back if you lose them, while she has 6 that she CAN get back.
It would help if after say 20 or 30 hands to either raise the stakes by not letting her get her clothes back (instead you'd lose more of your clothes if you lose) OR instead reward the player for surviving that long, by letting you keep the rest of your clothes (nothing would happen if she's fully clothed and you lose, which is actually quite common in other strip games). Otherwise it could drag on for a long time, and due to the nature of this game you'll probably still lose. All that for nothing.

I found the game as a whole fairly useless, first off its kind of unfair that she has more clothes then you, the game-play is not particularly enjoyable, and frankly for what is meant to be (a porn game) it fails in the fact that in the end you don't see enough to be able to go off on, but i find the character unattractive as a whole, i would've rather seen some of the girls on the cards (jacks mainly) then the one on the screen. all and all for a quick play to work for what i believe is a little less then mediocre if even, it has no music, no sound worth listening too, the thing ya come for (the nudity) isn't even worth getting to (btw i am a furry so take that into account that this kind of game should appeal to me). not really worth putting on, if you were looking to make a quick post that didn't warrant much attention, then you succeeded. good luck in future endeavors, goodbye.

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good graphics, but nothing more than that

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It wasn't bad. skipped a bit here and there when it was dealing cards but it was to be expected. Nice job.

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Feb 18, 2012
2:26 AM EST
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