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Aliens Visit

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First flash game with dynamic shadows. Dynamic shadows, opportunity to improve weapon and enemies of the crowd. Kill all and stay alive

do not judge harshly. I was interested to write the engine. I hope the game was interesting too

1- pistol (is initially)
2- shotgun
3- assault rifle
4- knife (is initially)
5- bat
6- katana
f(e)- kick

Enjoy the game!

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Pretty fun game, i like it.
It's pretty cool how there are the invisible aliens and shadows.
also MoraCrab... Wtf?

nice game you lose 2 stars for the following:
1 two easy anyone can beat it
2 drawing kinda suck and theres no frames even
like the music

not bad but there could be some improvements like switching between weapons, its not easy while in the heat of batle to go from the pistol to thee katanna

I found it fun. I quite liked the spinning kick feature, it cracks me up kicking in aliens and finishing em off with the sword.

I really did like it a bit. Some things to note if you're looking to expand upon it (which I'm hoping you do.. with a better name), probably in order of most importance:

1 - Fix the multipliers. With the assault rifle at such a high rate of fire, you can easily get like 3-4x multiplier on a single kill. Makes upgrades too easy. Which brings me to my next point...
2 - Upgrades are too easy. They're very well written for the effort put in to it, but making fewer levels for each and making them more expensive, or even adding global stat upgrades (like speed and health) would improve it.
3 - The different level designs and enemies; they're just too far and inbetween. Now, when you think of a 'flaw,' you'd think that might be a good thing... but it's not. I would've liked to have seen more areas with the double campfires (which means larger map. Seriously, they're small), with use of the invisible aliens more often, and less of the maps just being flooded by color-coded enemies. The level with the campfire gone out may have seen like a good idea, but with the lighting being so small, and the enemies balancing out the inevitable 1-2 hits they'll each get on you since you won't see them first, it's more like an annoying road block than any kind of new experience. Think of underwater in 99% of videogames, where you can't hit things and it's not fun, then add on the loss vision. Yeah, it's never any fun to lose visibility without some other balancing mechanic... which has never happened, so let's just say it's never fun.

Sorry I ranted. I enjoyed the dynamic lighting system, and the game actually was fun - which was surprising, which was the reason I decided to write this review. Good luck on future projects.