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Its Beta DEMO V.01


i agree turn it into beta can you add more charecters ill give you list shadow sonic goku ichigo demon king damio kratos from god of war and vegata but still good and more attacks .thats all but dis game is bad ass !

Warning: This review may be a spoiler to many fans/reviewers.

I agree with most of the people below me. This shows immense Potential, and you sir, are being on the right track. I personally enjoy well made Fan-Games, overdone or unoriginal, its still good to me if its executed properly.

And i want you to create this small Beta into an awesome version of this game, just like Gregg Cleod did with SSF and SSF2. I must say i am very satisfied that many people have the heart to entertain us spectators, taking all of their free time and life away, sacrificing it to satisfy a certain amount of people. That, is what i commend everyone about, every art maker, animator, gamer, audio maker etc etc.

But to put it in a nutshell, this needs a lot of tweaking if we are meant to be realistic. There should be a better choice of more characters, the double jump feature, the camera works, the soundeffects, the voices, the music (there is, i know, but needs to be compressed), the effects, the detail into the attacks, various combo moves, a taunt... etc etc. Let`s not really get into it, but since i`m a big fan of Fan Games (redunant, i know), i will give you a 4.5/5. And will favorite this, as it does show some base of detail and an extraordinary quantity of potential.

I`ll be keeping an eye out on you.

karlneudert responds:


If you turn this beta into a real game, it will definitely be a real hit.

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karlneudert responds:


Lookin' good so far. It looks like it wont be to different from other smash bros fan titles, which isn't much of a problem, but it would be nice to see someone take smash bros and do something different with it.

In any case, there's another thing I'd like to add: I know the roster will have some standard faces, but it would be cool to see some other video game character in in on this, not just 3rd party characters like Megaman and sonic, but try some other characters: Battletoads, Megaman Zero or ZX, Guardian Heroes(I have usable sprites myself if you consider trying them), and some other sega characters other then sonic(Would be nice to see knuckles and Espio though), like Vectorman, Toejam & Earl, Joe Musashi from the shinobi games, Gunstar Heroes, or Alien Soldier. Your on a good start with bubblun though.

That's all I've got to say, hope your game turns out well.


karlneudert responds:


Will be a good idea, but like somone else said, I would prefer if only the finished content was on here. Don't rush to finsh it tho, take your time and make it a great game

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1.96 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2012
6:17 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler