Arcane Arena

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Use the spells at your disposal to cut through hordes of monsters and liberate the world from the three greatest evils known to man.

W, A, S, D keys to move
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 keys to select a spell
MOUSE to aim and fire
SPACE to dash


this is a really good game the character is very familiar... Oh I get it it's from the rpg maker. :). but anyways I think this game needs some medals :D. Nice work keep it up :D

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Overall great time
One thing i noticed. Last boss was WAYYYYYYYYY to easy. i had over 90% of my health. i hit him with close up bolts, then dashed away. waited for him to teleport then hit him with bolts again and dashed away. It took some practice though. I actually had allot of fun burning through enemies and even the boss like that though so its not a bad thing. just something you may wanna keep an eye on

The game had it's down sides, but overall really fun. I felt the Ice spike spell was really overpowered, and spent 90% of the game using it like a shotgun, but it didn't really ruin the game. Very nice.

Ummm...any way to kill first (panda) boss without having to play for like half an hour? I hate how he healing himself if those damn things. Went I think I got him (low hp and far away from heals), he just sprints away. One time, I really did get him...but he just heals on the spot...far away from healing things. So I tried changing my spells to stuns and slows, but they don't affect him -_-
Seems like a pretty good game but already repetitive and easy. Love the unique spells, game-play, artwork...but too bad I can't enjoy much of it.

It felt a little too easy. Getting the turret upgrade early on really paid off and made me coast through the rest of the game. Being able to customize your slots would be nice. The inability to change spells with Q/E was a little annoying. Boosting the difficulty, changing the background, and adding spell upgrades will make it seem less repetitive. The dash ability was a nice touch and spell diversity was good. Great job and I hope this helps out!

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3.85 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2012
5:25 PM EST
Action - Other