Arcane Arena

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Use the spells at your disposal to cut through hordes of monsters and liberate the world from the three greatest evils known to man.

W, A, S, D keys to move
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 keys to select a spell
MOUSE to aim and fire
SPACE to dash

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The game was great, but like many great games it's short lived, I feel like I missed out not playing this when it was released but w.e I got to experience something unique. In terms of difficulty I found it to be at the brink of hardcore and casual where players with experience with this type of game would breeze through and those without could potentially get melted quickly. In terms of control the one and only hassle for me was switching between skills since I often clicked 4 instead of 5 trying to get that quick turret down. The dash system felt like a weird action to be using on a mage at first, but then I started to see how needed it was and how amazingly well this game was put together. Thank you for the great experience

Cute boys, the action and movement make me laugh:)

This game was super fun I thought. The last boss was intense and really hard to survive. Some of the spells turned out to be pretty useless like the tangle. The turrets were cool, especially how you could superpower them with magic. Lightning became useful at the end, though the hex seemed to have too short of a duration. It was kind of awkward how you would aim though, using the mouse seemed inefficient and hectic at times. It'd be nice if there was an option to change controls. Altogether it was pretty fun and challenging. I like games that are free flow and you develop new abilities. I'd also like to see more music variety though, it got real annoying ( at least for boss fights make it different.)

Pretty good, really I did like this game. I also liked that apperently you test played the game yourself. Excellent use of some old stand by game spells

-0.5 = Stun isn't worth your time... 1/2 a second doesn't help anyone at all & the duration on freeze is also too short.

+1 = Flame is your best friend. Lightning/Turrets is your second bff. Endear them both and you will succeed.

+1 = Loved the turrets, very helpful in a tight situation - pretty much a one-shot bot!

+1 = Dash!!! Without this, I might as well have quit the game early...

+1 = Artwork and programming were enjoyable, I'm glad you made the trees fade.

+0.5 = Music was decent, but the loop became fairly annoying over time. It's a very short loop too.

Well, I FINALLY got through the game. The first boss was forcing me to the brink of quitting the game and making me rant beyond my norm, until I realized the healing wells had a health bar too. Pay attention to when they become active, this is the only way you'll stop that Rainbow Ninja from becoming immortal. Chibi Clown was weak, turrets and flame ftw. Sith Mage (final boss) is just plain annoying... dash and lightning... don't bother with close combat, his attacks are devastating!

If you haven't noticed, I named the bosses personally... lol

Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2012
5:25 PM EST
Action - Other