Sky Defender: Joe's Story

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Features two game modes and over thirty levels!

You will accompany Joe on his way from the complete wipeout of the Celestial Kingdom to the complete victory over the barbarian horde from Earth and conquer the lands of the Sky.

The Campaign Mode includes:
- 30 exciting missions
- 5 unique awards
- 10 exclusive Campaign achievements
- Over 40 minutes of addictive fun

This mode consists of the continuous enemy waves. Between the waves you will be able to spend your looted money on various upgrades, castle floors, and new weapons.

The Survival Mode includes:
- Over 40 enemy waves
- 2 unique awards unavailable in the Campaign Mode
- 10 exclusive Survival achievements
- Over 45 minutes of intense battles

Developed by NSBrotherhood & Lionwood Studios.
Produced by Teagames.com.


You ABSOULETLY need to make it so the tower turrets CAN'T break the ropes on any collectible items during the missions where you need to make the items fall into the collection aircraft below.

great game but for that ridiculous gameplay issue of turret friendly fire so to speak it loses one star because it kills the fun for those using the turrets

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This was a great game! I think the only thing I didn't like about it was that it was hard to understand when I died. I was looking closely up at the thing at the top that said I had 570 out of something, but I lost when I only lost half my health or whatever that was. That doesn't take away from the fact that this is a wonderfully done game. I really like how it's a defence game that you have so much control over. You really get the oppurtunity to do everything yourself.

My advice is to aim really high. That way, you will get the ones that are highest up as well as the ones that are closer down when they hit the bottom. I came confused at some spots, like I thought the mine was something that was stopping my enemies from coming, but it was actually what my enemies were taking away! I appreciate the really high paced music. The overall graphics are great too.

In Lisolan theres a stage where you have to protect some zeppelins with gold, i had 2 extra turrets......the one in the 2nd floor kept shooting down the gold at first sight by cutting the ropes while trying to shoot down the enemies...

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on the sheep mission the second to top tower kept killing all my sheep i got really fustrated and rage quit fo rthat i only give 3.5 stars

NSBrotherhood responds:

turned off turrets for sheep mission.

awesome game.

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4.04 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2012
5:23 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight