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The turtle killed the sun

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made for the child's dream project.

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this is fun

sunlight's overrated anyway

Arte puro

...a child's dream project? Really hope that has nothing about conveying dreams either to, from or through children. :| It does seem like a dream in a lot of ways though, in the unexpected, absurd, entertaining yet cruel chain of events that steers the turtle away from the world and into the dark abyss of the that other land. An inspiring, depressing, but most of all just really intriguing and different tale. Love the visual fluency too, and the music's a perfect fit. Wonder if it was made to the music, or the music to this, or if it just happened to fit? Nice work.


I can just imagine this being the result of a 2 year old trying to make up a story, and trying to explain it to an adult, and being all excited and hyperactive during the explanation, as if it not only made sense but was the most amazing work of fiction ever created. In fact that's really the only context I can really see it really taking shape. Just imagine this being spoken by a little kid who desperately needs ritalin (and as you're reading it, every time there's a comma, imagine his voice trailing up right before the comma, like he's posing a question): "There was this turtle, that was that was about to kill a frog, and then, and then, this bird pooped on him, but it was a girl poopie, but she died, of um of a sunburn, and then she turned into a skeleton and then the turtle stole the wings of a butterfly, and flew up to the sun, and stabbed it in the eye! And then he fell back to Earth and died, and then the frog died too, um, um, because he stabbed himself!" Congratulations, you just imagined Charles Manson as a 2-year-old, have a nice day. Fucked up shit ftw.

golfinho responds:

thank you