Truck Race 3D

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So you think you can drive? Racing takes on a whole new meaning in this 3D truck racing game. Prove your skill against other truckers and compete for first place to unlock new tracks.

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Good concept, but some music would be good, and trucks turn WAY to fast.

the steering is terrible, I liked the look of the trucks.

The controls are awful. If real cars and trucks steered like this there would be thousands dead on the roads every day. (Not a bad idea now that I think of it.) Everything else looked great and I thought by appearance this was going to be a good game when I was waiting at the starting line.

This is a pretty decent 3D racer game. The graphics are actually a bit better than most 3D racer games I've seen. However, there is still plenty of room for improvements in my opinion.

First and foremost, you need to improve the steering. Right now it's way too sensitive; If I try to correct a little bit my truck just goes all over the place, often ending up on the other side of the road from which I'll have to correct again. It's pretty hard to keep your truck on track this way.

Secondly, some expanding would be nice. I'm missing music in the menu screen and during the race and there doesn't seem to be any goal in the game. You can just finish the race and no matter your position, you'll advance to the next race. You don't get any points, the game doesn't seem to record you times or anything... A track selection would be nice as well.

Third, I think the trucks look a little bit out of place. They're much brighter than the environment. Try to decrease their brightness a little to make them blend with the environment.

Overall 2.5 out of 5. A decent racer game overall, but still in need of some improvements.


The 3d styling of this game is something i've not personally seen in a flash game before and i'm rather impressed by this.
The game itself was, at first glance, rather good. The graphics aren't bad, and the sound is rather decent, if a little inappropriate at times. Take, for example, the constantly idling sound of the trucks. Overall, I initially thought this game to be quite good. The truck models are good, if a little blocky. As i've already said, I found the 3d animation relatively new and rather impressive. Admittedly, while racing isn't a new genre overall, and isn't that new in flash gaming, this game presented something interesting and potentially entertaining if not for the fatally flawed controls.

The control scheme for the trucks, as far as i've seen, is inconsistent, and horribly fiddly. At one point the trucks are barely turning, yet a second later they're spinning wildly out of control. A particular problem was the way the trucks moved once they were on grass. Slowing down a vehicle, making it harder to turn, all of these things are accepted penalties for taking your vehicle on to the grass in a racing or driving game. The grass in this game however, acted more like ice.

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2.50 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2012
5:44 AM EST
Sports - Racing