Magnetic Marble

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Get as far as you can.
Use the SPACEBAR to bounce off the Boundaries !
Speed increases over time !
Enjoy :)


Idea: add more options that up or down. For example, allow someone to choose a path, maybe one particular path forces the player to fail... I bet the next time they REPLAY the game they won't chose that path and will get a higher score. As it is now, I got a score, and now I do not want to replay it because I just hit the space bar to a rhythm.

Its a great concept but its far far far to easy. there should probbley be like 3 differnt levels say an easy level a normal level and a hard one and a nice background would be an improvement.

It's okay, but I agree on tweaking the difficulty curve. Also, you should very lengths a bit more, instead of just the height of the areas. At one point I played for almost half a minute with my eyes closed cause I'd gotten the timing down well enough. And adding some obsticles might not hurt too.

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Functional, but you need to ramp the difficulty curve up a bit, I got bored before the game became any sort of challenge. A lot more variation in the position and sizes of the platforms would be nice to see.

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Great game concept, but kinda poorly executed. There should be some variation in the platforms instead of just same thing over and over with slight variations. I just got into a rhythm that worked for almost the entire game. There were a few spots where I obviously should have lost, but the ball bounced back on track. Some audio wouldn't hurt as well, even if it's just some background music.

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2.65 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2012
5:59 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop