The Last Angel

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An auto side-scrolling action game which takes you to various environments. You must fight their way through many enemies to get through to the levels boss. Each enemy and boss is unique requiring strategy to destroy.

Mouse to move the angel, click to attack & pick up the sheep, hold down to charge attacks.


the sad part is this game came out on this site when our beloved freind jordan allen died... he was 1 month from being an adult... may he find his way to paradise for he is an angel...

The beginning of the game was a bit of a drag, as it basically consisted of the same type of enemies, occasionally interrupted by a handful of mini-bosses mixed together. The game picked up much more at the reaper fight and the hell/lava fight, as the bosses had a variety of unique attacks and were more difficult to defeat. The art style was nice, although a more varied scrolling background would spruce things up a bit (the same backgrounds and platforms got boring after a while). The sheep concept, in which picking up the sheep alters your attack style, is an interesting mechanic that made this different from all the other side-scrollers out there. I'd like to see more done with it (different types of sheep for different attacks, maybe, or a defend-your-sheep level) because it gave the gameplay much more originality.

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Jhomas responds:

Glad you liked it! About the first level, I somewhat agree with you. Its a hard balance on making the first few minutes of a game "easy" as to not alienate new players but also be exciting & challenging (maybe I didn't hit this quite on the head). Either way thanks for the review & tips/comments.

Original, fun, and well-made. Especially original. How could this not be amazing?

only birds as enemys? no ground enemys who attack the sheep?

Jhomas responds:

Nope, lots of different enemies in the game, every level has different enemies & boss's etc. (Although none attack the sheep lol)

i couldn't see the woe screen, so i was getting attacked out of nowhere.

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3.49 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2012
4:22 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight