Cat Stretch

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A strange platformer where a long necked cat fights rabid monkeys, man eating carrots and other monstrosities


not bad at all nice work

Good game but poor design choices

The basic game mechanic was good - although perhaps not best utilised throughout the games levels. Levels are large and open; but layouts seemed mostly confused and disorderly, and whilst I'd often celebrate non-linear design, a better indication of each level's directionality would've gone a long way. An additionaly problem with large and directionless levels came with pickups being scattered everywhere - it was simply not worth the time or effort to collect points since they were by and large randomly scattered throughout the levels. However, I liked the aesthetic - pixel graphics were nice and like earthworm jim in some respects - and the game presently a mostly fair challenge, if a bit poorly balanced. I respect that this game took time to make; but a bit more attention to detail and examining what works and what doesn't would've gone a long way.

Awesome game! Really funny and I think it controlled well. Especially loved the number of sprites flying everywhere when you break something. Good work!

This quirky game suffers from non-intuitive controls. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but my fingers kept forgetting which button was for jump and which button was for attack, and every time this happened it broke immersion. Other than that this seems like a pretty solid platformer.

it is a fun concept and the style of play seems like it would make for a great game, however, it was poorly done. The controls were frustrating and the game itself just lacked immersion. I don't wanna totally destroy you on this, cause i wanna see more from you, but maybe next time have someone else test your game before you send it out. Re-Playing and making revisions to your work is the best way to success.

mutantleg responds:

What you mean someone should test my game other than myself? That's crazy talk.

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3.82 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2012
10:41 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other