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Soap's Ramblings 2

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Feb 14, 2012 | 2:11 AM EST

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Author Comments

Soap's Ramblings is all about what I give two shits about. If I care about it, I talk about it, and this is the easiest way for me to get it out there.


I wasn't going to be productive and do another one of these in a while, but I was lurking the forums, and got thoroughly annoyed by all the whining about V-Day. Fuck V-Day.


Also, join the Soup Squad. We're a good bunch, and I enjoy the people there. Even though there is some spam (sorry about that), it's all in good humor. <3



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omg grow up u ignarant so and so, also this is a place to post flash content, not wine about some day, get over it.


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companies make money because their employees need paychecks. its a basic function of economy you imbicile.

valentines day is just a day to celebrate the idea of love and lack therof. instead of complaining, why not try and make some money off of it? thats really the point of holidays: making money, and spending it. circulation of wealth i a huge part of holiday tradition, even if the spirit of the thing is there, you need some kind of value behind it, or it comes off as just another day.

you seem to have no concept of self worth, and instead of trying to make yourself into something, you complain about other's successes. good job


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Sounds like someone is trying to justify complaining about the supposid few people who simply enjoy the holiday for what it is. Do you complain about others who celebrate their own birthdays? What's the point, you could buy gifts any time of the year.

Soapbubble responds:

That's the point of it all, isn't it. I do complain about the gift giving of birthdays and the gift giving of christmas, it's all just to have us spend money. People keep saying that love can't be measured in money or that love can't be bought. Well, isn't that exactly what you do when you buy a gift? "I care about you, here's that game your eally wanted so you know this."


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Kind of like you're whinning right now about St. Valentines Day. So, you're one of those Internet whinners complaining about yourself. I don't get it. Hypocrite much I guess.
If you don't like it. Don't enjoy it then. Seems to me a Norwegian would be a bit more partial too Valentines day. However, you're attitude explains alot. You should hook up with a nice girl from the Sandefjord Vokalensemble. Cute Ladies indeed. Might put a smile on your face and sing you a song. Lighten up man and enjoy. Stop trying to bring everyone down with your grinchy arse. ;)
Oh, so far, I'm not impressed with Soup Squad....keep trying.

Soapbubble responds:

This has nothing to do with the Soup Squad.

Also, your review makes me want to smash my face into a brick wall, because I'm sooo god damn sick of people that just have to make themselves look good, like you are doing now. "Oh, you're one of the whiners, I'm obviously much better than yourself." Fuck no. Sure, you can say you disagree, but going on a personal attack against me like this? That's rather pathetic, don't you think? How about you give me some reasons not to hate St. Capitalisms Day?


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I agree with you completely.
It is a way companies get more money.