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Super Samurai Sweeper

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Defeat the Seven Daimyos and their Shogun, and restore peace to the land! As the Samurai, you will have to choose your battles carefully to overcome the enemiesâEUTM forcesâEU¦


love it, only problem is you have to use your points perfectly, otherwise you will fail

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Great game, but it's one of the many flash games that relies too heavily on luck. The layout of the boards can really help or hinder you.

The upgrade system was great, but even if I had a set plan in mind, I found I didn't have enough silver to get everything that I wanted.

As a final note, I think there should be some kind of "revive" option. I played a super team build, which left my Samurai largely un-upgraded. So he could die, but I could have 3 companions and 2 shadow warriors alive, and I would still lose. This seems like bad design to me, especially since you can spend as much xp on any 1 of your companions as you can on your own samurai.

Great game, lots of fun and cool style, but those issues just made it really frustrating, among several smaller ones.

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Great game! I just beat it on the most difficult setting. It was very tough at first even on easy. You should make a larger version of this game. More powerups and allies. More enemies. Maybe even some kind of strategical advantages to holding certain land masses. Anyway great game dude. Keep up the good work.

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Excellent game. Not too difficult in my opinion, at least once you get used to the game system. Nightmare is quite a challenge, but with smart upgrades I've managed 5 stars a few times. My sequence for exp upgrades: get all the companions first, then max heroes health, then get the rest gradually. Silver upgrades: mining, multi-slash, tracking, increased chakra, soulsteal, armor, life bonus for companions.

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Great game. I love the concept and the strategy involved. Work near flawlessly with a few exceptions listed below.
- The added clicks sometimes will not work
-On a single occasion my samurai killed no enemies and was drained of all his life
-Simply watching the animations becomes boring after a while

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4.08 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2012
9:53 PM EST
Adventure - Other