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School project I was to do in a pretty short time, so it
looks kinda shitty and the animation is crappy,
but still I'm enough attention whore to put it up.

There is supposed to be some secret metaforical
meaning with all those colors and shit, but I doubt
anyone will understand it, because I myself don't.


I think you're being too hard on yourself. The animation is pretty good. I don't know if it's unfinished or just the way you animated it, but it looks just fine :)
Also it was quite entertaining, keep it up !

"When a war ends, another one begins."

Nice Job. Beside the the metaphorical symbolism, I inherently love the pictures of the background and characters. Not much animation though, as they seem to be just moving pictures. Of course the animation is about diplomacy, democracy, monarchy, and war. So it was just perfect the way it is. Normally I would see this as a motion comic than a animation because of the still picture that make slight movements. But just enough of that, really shows a whole story.

Something new, a new approach ... i just loved it! keep the good work!

Nicely done. I like the style and the feel of it. The music fits it quite nicely and the whole thing felt very smooth.

I have just one tiny tweak.

At between 20 and 25 seconds; the scene where the camera is behind the king and his soldiers zooming away from the first line of troops. As it zooms away the second line of troops seems to POP into view. It just feels a little jumpy on the transition, not totally smooth. The rest felt very smooth and non-jumpy. Perhaps a glitch in the upload? My theory is that you may have taken a break at this point and were either distracted by something or perhaps you lost a little focus here. It seems as though at between these five seconds you were thinking of the troops appearing from AT the lense of the camera instead of from BEHIND the lense of the camera. Not saying it should be fixed or anything and I really just nitpicking to be honest but; I know how many artisits of talent such as your can be sometimes. Small details can feel like a massive boulder sitting right in the middle of the project.

Art is by no means about perfection but, the details can be the difference between whether you like your own art or don't. The important thing is that YOU are satisfied with your art. That is what this is too...

...true art.

Very nicely done. I enjoyed watching this. I only point it out because I think it should be pointed out, that is all. My opinion is only my opinion.

Your art is superb.

iLott responds:

Thank you very much, appreciate your time.

Yes, there actualy is an error that I forgot, it pops back since there is one frame after the whole layer fades out. I don't get how I didn't notice that, I'll fix it and reupload when I get home. Thanks mate :)

Well coming from my personality I usualy don't like my own work very much and find too much mistakes in it all the time. And honestly if you want to succeed with art in real life you can't focus on just how do YOU like it, but you need to make it generic in some ways.

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate when I get to hear constructive criticism.

Long comment short, you're amazing and Newgrounds needs more videos like this.

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Feb 13, 2012
7:03 PM EST
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