Snow Racers

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Race your fierce opponent through the snowy mountains and beat him to the finish. Arrow keys to drive and spacebar to restart the current level.


I see this game as more of a prototype.
It needs to be more then this if you hope to get good scores.
I noticed a few problems in this.
1: You don't see enough of the landscape so you tend to misjudge things.
2: If you go down hill fast your car seems to get its front wheel stuck in the engine bay, it drops the speed by half.
3: No way to customize your car? you need good customization's to keep people interested. Upgrades are a good thing, even if its just for the looks its still an improvement.
4: The tracks look the same and this causes repetitiveness and they leads to boredom! That's the last thing you want.
5: Music and sound. The music is the same track, you need more then one song otherwise it will annoy the players.
Anyway, see what you think of the ideas.
I hope i helped.

Nice game but not enough variety.

needs more levels

Its good.

Not to dIffrent from any other tIlty car/bIke game, but stIll enjoyable.

It could use a few tune ups, though. SpecIfIcally, It could use a level select screen and a tImer for each level. Also, I thInk that assumIng that we all understand that the arrows keys are the controls Is a bad Idea. I know Its a faIrly standard control scheme, but If I've ever learned anythIng from playIng flash games for most of my lIfe, Its that assumtIons wIth game controls are bad.

DespIte thIs, the health system Is good, and the last level was acctually a lIttle challengIng.

Overall, Fun, but flawed.

3.5 stars.

I liked it. Its very hard though. I think the game could use various difficulty levels especially since the opponent is going to kick your butt. Having multiple levels and different opponents would definitely be nice.

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3.15 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2012
5:48 PM EST
Sports - Racing