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Project Cupid

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Cupid want to spread love all over the town but spreading love cause him to lose his love power and without love power he dies.

Keep Cupid alive for longest amount of time.
Shooting targets increase score but decrease love power.
Cupid dies when love power reach zero.
Airplanes, asteroids and building kills instantly.
Shooting large hearts increase love power.
Shooting quivers increase amount of arrows Cupid have.
Shooting dollars give cupid more score.
Shooting bombs clear the screen.

Up and Down: Move cupid up and down
Space or X: Shoot arrows
M: Mute and UnMute sound

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Good game, but please, please run a grammar check!

amidos2006 responds:

I will do in the next version :)

Good music.
The graphics annoyed me, not a fan of 8 bit thats been blown up large, maybe do a hand drawn version?

amidos2006 responds:

I will try in my next games to get away from 8 bit :) graphics :)

GOOD GAME.---so funny...now, more words, is a really funny game, more please!

Simple & Fun! I like it :)

It is ok but i think it needs medals =/

amidos2006 responds:

there is medals :)