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St. Valentine's Day

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This was a senior-year project for a multimedia class. I dedicated this for a now ex-girlfriend (sadness). It's not nearly as elaborate as I originally wanted it to be; I only had a month to learn Flash and finish this project. I did make a sequel with much more elaborate fight scenes, but it sucked a big one.

Without a doubt, I was shooting for old-skool with this. I've got a PS2 and a stoked out video card in my machine, and yet, regardless of all this intense gaming power at my disposal, I always seem to find myself coming back to Nesticle. I suggest you do the same.


((( COOL )))

Hey this was cool, the story for the mostpart was neat, and with the interactivity was even better, i also liked the different battle scenes, like the blood from the headless ninjas, you have some ok backrounds but with more detail could be slightly better, and last but not least the music was great, all n all a decent little ninja flash...


Dude, you get a 10 overall for the music!

Sad this is your only submission ever but i hope that if you should ever read this, i <3 you for using all those songs, i marked out like a bitch when i heard you play Batman's first stage from the NES, Batman is one of my fav NES games ever, and the 4th stage too! and Mega Man music was a nice add too.

Overall, this dif was old school, and this submission itself is too now that its over 5 years old. This is still one of the best flash submissions for a valentines day to this day. PERIOD.

Wasn't too bad, had it's moments

That wasn't a bad flash movie, it wasn't the most entertaining of flashes but it had it's moments, it was a nice idea but the dialogue just didn't cut it, I loved the idea of the delivery ninjas though and at times this movie was kinda funny, this movie would have been better if at the end you could press a button to go back to the choices rather than having to watch it again from the beginning to view all the different options.

That was awesome!

I love most video game parodies! This one was exceptionally good. Graphics are great! Great choice of music, and it's almost impossible to go wrong with using the main character and most of the music from Ninja Gaiden. The plot had lots of neat unexpected twists and humor in it.

randy solem made using sprites popular...

but you were the first! of course i this review is a bit late, and you probably left NG years ago...

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3.76 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2000
12:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Original