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My Satanic Valentine 2D

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Author Comments

I'm submitting this movie just to let you know that I'm selling 9 Kg of pigeon fodder, PM me if you're interested.


I know it sucks really bad but it was so funny so I gave it a 5 hehe ^_^

Gurzociurlo responds:

Hey it doesn't suck!

i thought this was quite good. good job hacking threw this one, i liked the ending and thought the idea was clever. animation worked, wasn't the best but was a lot better than most., keep at it!

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Gurzociurlo responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it!

Erm i will say it straight WTF?

Gurzociurlo responds:

Very interesting, I think I'm going to say this straight: maybe you learnt how to read some days ago and you haven't practiced yet, but before writing a review there is a warning, which says that reviewing is not an opportunity for you to act like a moron. A review should tell me what's wrong with my movie, what are the pros and the cons, your review is - on the contrary - a bunch of useless crap. "WTF" doesn't make me understand that I should improve my skills with the brush tool, it doesn't mean that the audio was painful and that the voices were too low or too loud. You didn't like it, ok, why? Unless you're 13, you should be able to write at least a couple of words telling your opinion, otherwise I'd recommend to start school over.

It was pretty neat, I'll give you that. Now for a little review;

First of all, the animation was rather smooth, good job with that.

The design could be improved by a lot, it looked like it was made on paint (no offence), with time your skills in drawing should brush up.

The writing was well done.

The story was neat too, I got a good chuckle from it or two.

Camera work was simple but fitting.

The music was neat.

The voice acting was pretty good too, it was pretty funny.

Overall I'd say it's a nice little video there, but I will flag it for the description, I'm not sure what you are selling or why, or whether you're serious, but it's not ebay.

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Gurzociurlo responds:

That was a joke, no one would buy 9 Kg of pidgeon fodder... As for the animation, you won't believe it but I'm kind of good at drawing on paper. Not awesome but still, decent... I just have issues with Flash, my mouse is very old so the cursor always moves in a weird way, and the brush tool in Flash 8 is pretty glitchy, I spent most of my time re-drawing everything because my stupid mouse couldn't get it right, that was a true pain in the ass. However, I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank for the feedback, it's been useful for me!

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Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2012
7:10 AM EST
Comedy - Original