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Life In A Nutshell

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Daily Second? -gutted- xD

I decided to make a short flash animation based off of my life, metaphorically.

If you can relate, cool.

If you can't, then you can't.

There's an easter egg in this. Hope you can find it. :)

EDIT: Front Page? Dreams really do come true.

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Animation was not my style, plus I didn't even chuckle at 1 of the jokes.

"Hey, a nickel!" Fav part.

Damn, pretty amazing art. I wish I could draw half as good as you.

FrostDrive responds:

it just takes challenging practice, a lot of studying, and determination.

Made me smile! It´s so true and it was original aswell. I have always felt like this. I like how things are shaping up and loking up for you. Told you that you would reach great heights. The animation is starting to look really classy now. The only thing that I noticed was a little bit of lack of emotion in the voiceacting. But I know I have a hard time to do emotional voiceacting when someones around.

I say keep it up and you will see that more than 40 people will like your stuff 8)

FrostDrive responds:

Thanks man!
I totally understand your point with the voice acting.

now though, I'm about to complete this acting class I took this semester, so nowadays I'd be able to do a bit better with the voice acting. x3

HA!!! I know the feeling

FrostDrive responds: