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Sens? Is a game about a man who has to learn how to use new senses to navigate his way through the world. In a dream he is shown four new senses: Heat, Touch, Sound and Smell. He uses each of these 4 senses to navigate his way through 4 chapters of challenging platforming puzzles.

Arrow keys to move. Space to skip text.


A very good game, and I can tell what other games you've played that inspired this. A credit to the genre.

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MaximSchoemaker responds:

I would love to hear what games you think inspired me :D

Very interesting concept... Looks familiar, somehow, but I still think it's good enough to rate a 4.5...

Stage design was good. I liked how you couldn't just "blaze" through it and you had to trust your senses.

To Players: If you have troubles with your spatial senses, you might have a hard time with this game.

There's more I'd like to say but I'll let the other players figure it out :)

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wow this is a great game i was afraid i was going to get lost a few times but luckily i didn't. a very good concept for a game and i love the different ways you used the senses to gather info on the levels. my personal favorite was sound. it really shows how much we can already see without our sight

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I really love the concept of gameplay, but after a minute or so getting confused is a problem I think a lot of players will have. It's hard to tell if you're going the right direction, and there's no landmarks or events(at least that I was able to find) to reassure you that you're going the right way. If you've already explored a place it would help if that place remained in the character's memory, so that the player will know immediately know if they're headed backwards without pushing themselves further into that backward confusion. Otherwise, the concept was awesome, very smooth and responsive movement, and the art style is also great.

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sorry but this game makes none...

MaximSchoemaker responds:

I see what you did there...

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3.22 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2012
6:16 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle