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EDIT 3: Yowza! I can't believe how well this was received! ;_; thanks, you guys. <3 Here's to much more!

EDIT 2: This is just a character introduction, guys!

EDIT: Hooray for frontpage! Thanks so much!

Thanks to everyone who provided the nice feedback! You're all too kind!

Happy early Valentine's Day, Newgrounds!

This is the beginning of something special.

Featuring animation and writing by me (nalem), and voice acting from Lefthandedsock, Rina-chan, and Kirbopher!

This has been a long time coming, many thanks to everyone who loan a hand in this! It is sincerely appreciated.

Enjoy yourselves and have a good one!


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Animation is great and enticing! You should really try to make some Actual Newgrounds Anime with that animation, my friend!! :D

This was very well made and funny :D. Only thing I would suggest is maybe reworking Mr. Blacksmith a little. He really doesn't look like he would even be a blacksmith's apprentice, let-alone a proffesional blacksmith. Now, I'm not saying you should make him some burly and hairy man covered in scars. I just think he should at least have a little build to him, and maybe a little more rugged of a look. Now you don't HAVE to change anything about your character at all. If that is how you want him to look, then that is how he should look :). I just feel you should meet in the middle, somewhere between stringy bookworm and nicely built blacksmith :P.

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Am I the only one who, as soon as he accidentally grabbed her boob, thought "Love Hina" ? ._.

This gets a 5 and 5 stars because of Rina-chan's voice acting beautiful!

ilol'd. Did you?

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3.92 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2012
5:43 PM EST
Comedy - Original