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EDIT 3: Yowza! I can't believe how well this was received! ;_; thanks, you guys. <3 Here's to much more!

EDIT 2: This is just a character introduction, guys!

EDIT: Hooray for frontpage! Thanks so much!

Thanks to everyone who provided the nice feedback! You're all too kind!

Happy early Valentine's Day, Newgrounds!

This is the beginning of something special.

Featuring animation and writing by me (nalem), and voice acting from Lefthandedsock, Rina-chan, and Kirbopher!

This has been a long time coming, many thanks to everyone who loan a hand in this! It is sincerely appreciated.

Enjoy yourselves and have a good one!


Subscribe to my youtube channel! http://www.youtube.com/us er/Nalem


AALLLLLMOST there..... ._.
WELL! try tomorow!

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Hey Symbioteturnbull, what is wrong with you!! There's nothing wrong with having Rena Chan in it! (Actually, Rena Chan has a really good acting voice and therefore improves the flash!) I think the reason you dislike all these good voice actors is because you must have a terrible acting voice yourself and their good acting voices make you jealous of them!! So stop hating and enjoy life for once! Maybe then you won't have to hate on them anymore! (I 'm going to stop talking about haters now!!) This video took me by surprise!! I click it by accident (I sometimes do that when i 'm not paying attention) when i was tabbing lots of videos! When i noticed it was in a tab (and already loaded at that time) i decided to watch it just to do it! (i didn't want to waste a tab) That blew my mind! Who knew touching boobs (even accidently) was considered rape! (or as she said molesting) What! Wait a minute! Does that mean she's a child? BUT NO THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT, RIGHT?

Gawd. i do not want to see a corky scene that ive scene a hundred times through film and cartoons without anything being unique about the scene. this one was one of your weakest as a whole.

though i do like your art nalem the animation is getting better.

voices on the other hand and the scripting are god awful.
also it sounds like the audio quality from each actor is very diffrent. one sounds a bit puffy.

touch up of sound would be nice.
not to be mean or anything, i just feel there was allot missing.

Funny little animation. Very cute. :D

And alas, women will forever be mysterious beings whom we men are doomed to never fully understand. Lol! Well done.

Animation itself is expressive and colorful. Love the art direction.

Voice acting? Cast was just fine, and did a great job.

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I've had all three of those things happen to me... but not all at once. Cute, sexy and fun: trademarks of nalem's work. Excellent supporting cast and effort by all. The theme and subject matter might be cliche, but I find it's been reinvented here. These are going to be sweet!

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Feb 12, 2012
5:43 PM EST
Comedy - Original