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I was in doubt if I should upload this one since it is an extended version, but then I remembered a lot of people wanted it in the reviews, and I realized this have twice more animation the last one have, so it's basically the same amount of work, and I really want to show it to the world, I think it's fair.

Initially I wanted to animate over the longer version of the song but I could only find the shorter one, after uploading it people pointed out that the name of the song is "robots" and not "the humans are dead", so I was able to find the long version.

Then I pondered if I should make the extended version, I'm not really a fan of extending things, seems like laziness and all, but at that time I watched the Flight of The Conchords TV show and got a lot more into their work so it made me want to go ahead and extend the animation over the longer song. In the end it took more time than the first one.

That said, Flight of The Conchords is great, BUY THEIR STUFF, they had a TV show and it was amazing just like their songs.

Anyway, I made music videos for practice, I have a lot of scripts to animate that I haven't touched because I'm a terrible animator, so I wanted to do some things without too much commitment first, I think I achieved my goal with these music videos, I'm ready to do my completely original animations, and you can expect a lot of them pretty soon.

If you don't like it, that's fine, but please leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
I hope you enjoy.

Thank you.


I liked it much better than the first one, partly because I hadn't actually heard this part of the song. While this was more of a way to get people interested in Flight of the Conchords, I really liked the animation you did. I'm not expecting any super fluent animation, but you could try and work on that a little more. Other than that, everything is cool.

Steinberg responds:

Thanks, I'll keep practicing!

This 5 is for Flight of the Conchords, not you. The song is amazing, the video was..meh.

Steinberg responds:

That's fair.

Always though zombies were the bigger threat but robots could be just as effective when it comes to killing off humanity. Loved the catchy robot tune by the way, the flash was fun to watch as well.

Steinberg responds:

Robots are actually more plausible, I believe :p

THAT WAS AMAZING 000100010001111010010101100

Great animation. Funny, but it made me actually think about human nature and other philosophical babble.

Well, whatever, robots could never become self aw----

Steinberg responds:


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Feb 12, 2012
2:19 PM EST
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