[Soup] Soup Squad Dance

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Okay, so this is my second soup squad flash so far.

I decided to create this flash for the Soup Fest, which is the 1st anniversary of the Soup Squad. I had the "Dilbert Weasel Dance" as my screensaver, and I decided, "why not make a parody of the screensaver?"

And so, here it is. You'll notice that the different characters are doing different things, and that's mainly because there has to be some diversity...that, and I got lazy :p

No copyright infringement intended; the music in the SsD flash belongs to Dilbert, which is (or should I say was, as the screensaver was made in 2001? Dunno) belonging to United Media.
Guess I'd just put that forth, I don't want to take any risks :p

The screensaver goes fullscreen when you watch; this is completely normal. (EDIT: Uh oh, it doesn't! What do?)

If you continue playing the movie, you'll eventually earn some medals. Don't worry, it's not that long a time ;)



put in movies.. this is not a game

Not to get negative but this should be in the movies

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No, not a game.

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Gimmick responds:

I didn't say it was.

This in not a game. It is an ad for another site.

Gimmick responds:

it is NOT

Pointy haired man
Says he got a plain
Make a shitty loop dance
Makes me do the weasel dance

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Gimmick responds:

Pointy haired boss*

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Feb 12, 2012
4:04 AM EST