A Horse Tale

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Hopefully this avoidance game will be more pleasing because I spent some more time working on the background. Live the story of a brave horse who seeks freedom in this peaceful game.


As far as the story line i loved it! Horse runs from an abusive owner. A sfar as the acauly running away part. Every time it jumped i thought it was rinnning on to the grass and back ont he path. It took me ah=while to figure out that it was jumping. the animals porportion was ok but the chicken could have eatent the a freeken cow if it wanted. i think more basis on why the horse jumped would eb good to. liek was he whacking it or whipping it. no it just freeked after two secends and attacked him. I got what you were trying to show in the story line in the beginging (we cna call it a prolouge) but to make it obviouse to others you should have amybe the horses thoughs or a scene where he beats it. It looked liek the horse frreeek out becuase the man was standing there. as funny as it sounds its true and i think yyou should make it nmoe onviouse what is going on. Over all I lvoed the idea and the story line was a wonderfull idea!

um... its ok but you know its a bit bad fix all of it and make the hores jump more jump like and let the human not get kicked and it miht be more fun.

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it has potential to become great

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The game is great, the background is entertaining enough as well as fitting in a way. I noticed it starts off a little slow but picks up along the way and found it interesting. Only things I can recommend to adjust is the amount of time it takes for the game to pick up by about 5-10 seconds, and once you have some more free time to take some in def work on it, the jumping animation for the horse. Otherwise, great concept, great idea and great quality.

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Not bad.

You forgot to add a high score link on the main menu. What good does it do to have high scores if no one can access them til they submit their own score?

Other than that, it was a decent game.

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adjua responds:

Will do

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3.19 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2012
4:50 PM EST
Skill - Avoid