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Rad Bear Rude Rockit

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Uploaded Emergency Patch. Game should work normally now.

Instructions: Click anywhere on the screen to launch the bear towards your mouse. Dodge the boulders, hit rockets. Buy upgrades in the shop.

Rad Bear: A fight of destiny between you and the ultimate enemy. Never before have such two titans clashed in such a fierce battle of wits. Get a belt that looks like a seat belt, and buckle up, becase you're about to be taken on a wild ride. A perilous journey through an unforgiving land full of rockets that wish for nothing more than to destroy you. All that is standing between you and them, is your bear hands.

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Concept was simple enough, not really challeging, however very addicting, and managed to keep my attention for a solid 30min

a good way to waste some time(: better with more levels tho

nice :P

This was truly impressive. I can honestly say that the only thing I think its lacking, is a few more levels...

I'm going to go straight ahead and repeat what everyone else is saying... the music is absolutely amazing (I'm listening to the upgrade menu music as I write this review!), it also looks good, I particularly like the animation for the crash at the end of each run. Sadly, this game suffers when it comes to gameplay and instructions...

instruction issues:
there is only one BTW, but its a biggy, and it's about the boosting. You explained us to "click to boost", but you didn't explain that the bear would boost towards the cursor, I realised that the bear boosted towards the cursor near the end of the game, and to be honest I was a bit annoyed, probably because as soon as I found that out, every run I had didn't fall short of the goal and I often found myself over 1000ft in the air.

Gameplay issues:
1) I found it strange that in a tossing game, you weren't given the opportunity to choose the angle of the toss (this is a good thing too, as it makes the game's progress move along faster), this doesn't seem like an issue but it gives the player less control over the game, all you have to do is click in the right place at the right time.

2) The upgrades (other than boost) and the power-ups didn't seem to affect much, they were quite underpowered.

3) The rockets, ah, the rockets, as awesome as they look, there are just too many of them (assuming you know the bear boosts towards the cursor, in which case there seems to be a lack of rockets...); you will more often than not have a rocket appear from either above, below, or hit you in the backside pretty much every few seconds, they only become rarer when you pass the goal, and it's a bit too late then...

Overall I liked the game, there are just a few adjustments that need to be made and you've got yourself a good ol' tossing game.

+ The music is like ear sex... (but it is!)
+ The art style is unique
+ The animations were nice 'n' smooth
- Instructions aren't fully explained
- Upgrades/power-ups seem powerless
- The game is a bit too easy (when you know what you are doing...)

Again, this game is good, and that music is absolutely sweet, I look forward to seeing more from you. so...

Review: 3.5 stars
Rating: 4 picos

AttackingHobo responds:

Instructions were literally the hardest part about this game. I tried so many different variations of instructions and tutorials, but could not come up with something that fully works.

If I make a new rad bear game I think it will be radically(heh) different than this one. Something that can be explained more easily.

Thank you for the helpful review.