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Ace Pilot, a mercenary for the galactic order S.U.C., needs to stop the rising power of the Krill empire from taking over the galaxy one planet at a time.

You play as Ace, the S.U.C.'s secret weapon. Follow the adventure in Story Mode. Create limitless battle scenarios in Action mode!

Hell, even watch the cut scenes while auto-skipping gameplay after you've beat it, if that's what gets your kicks!
Story mode is incredibly cutscene heavy! If you're let down by that, you can always have instant fun in Action Mode.

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**CHROME USERS - The only problems that have been reported lately are in Chrome. If your game freezes up, feel free to send our programmer a message about what happened (like what level you were on, what you were doing, etc).


Game updated 7-20-2012: We figure that if you're here you're here to play the game, so we decided to make a few modifications. We took out medals, and everything to do with the API (if you want more info on that reasoning, message EldritchAbomination). This game is about the story, so we took out saved progress and now you just have access to the whole game; play whatever you want whenever, no worries about having a saved game. We are currently addressing the issue of the "Shared Creations" thing on profile pages. That is a result of saving the game, not something we wanted to happen, which is part of why we took out saves. Oh, and we made it where only simple ads show up instead of videos.


- You do have some options in the game. You can change all of your controls, and there is a keyboard mode if you are using a laptop (or just like the keyboard).
- There are also several options for effects and debris that you can turn up or down depending on your computer.


Help us out! buy the epic soundtrack to the game made by Brian Sadler!


like some of the other reviewers, i would have enjoyed this much better if it was a movie instead of a game. i do appreciate the fact that a lot of good work went into this, it looks and sounds great, but game-play (even though you can't lose) is just unnecessary.

This could have been excellent movie. Instead, it was a shitty game. I was only able to finish it because I figured out how to launch missiles, completely by accident, during the last battle. Try making the controls more clear and the steering of the ship less stupid.

The voice acting and art were great, though. The cut scenes were really entertaining. They just don't change the fact that the game itself was crap.

The game was very good and the cutscenes made me laff every minute XD

First of all, please give me a warning when you're going to drop the F-bomb. I had my little brothers around, not cool man. Also I know you said you fixed the pause thing but just when I was almost done with the game, right when I was going 1v1 with kim, I hit pause 'cause my dad called and it stopped but didn't start again. This sucked to great measures because I was playing on InPrivate browsing, so if I refreshed it would start all over. But as a game I had fun, the shooting style was good, just make the ship go faster 'cause even the top speed was kinda slow (for me anyway) I found myself strafing to get around. The medals make replay value soar when combined with how fun this game is. The cutscenes are HECKA (I don't know how many people say that anymore) funny. Good game bro. Hope to see more like this.

It was pretty good, but I think the controls need work, they're really hard to get used to, though I found the game got a lot easier when I did get used to them a little more. At the very least this game needs a health bar, I never knew when my ship was about to go down, which made me rather nervous at times. That being said, I thought the cut scenes were hilarious, and Ace in particular reminds me a lot of Zapp Brannigan from Futurama, especially the way he is with women!

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4.20 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2012
10:51 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional