Escape From Nightmare

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Not all dreams are colorful...Sometimes nightmares become your reality. One of these you have to get out.
An exciting 10 levels platformer.

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This was pretty good, the only thing I didn't like was the complete game over, even if you got to a checkpoint. You should be able to respawn from that point instead of the game over popping up. Another thing.. You should maybe make the mechanics of the light a bit easier to manage. I didn't like how if the light was pushing against a wall it would go out faster. That's a bit frustrating. Other than that it was a pretty decent game. Great job. Very pretty.

Fun game and i love the idea of it but I found some glitches. When the game would start My guy would start walking with out my pressing anything. It wouls just happen randomly as I played :( But other then that I loved it ^_^

Ok, so, I voted low, and now I should say why. The art & mechanics are interesting, and the music is nice enough. It also has some challenges (getting through entire levels without dying, getting through the game without dying).

But there are problems. Deaths are penalized with the death animation, and a secondary game-over screen. A simple respawn here after a quicker animation is all that's necessary.

Secondly, there are a few bugs in hit detection: When climbing up to a ledge, if an enemy passes under you at the wrong time, even though your character will appear to be on the ledge, it appears that the hit detection teleports back to start then to the top. This can make a few moments in the game frustrating.

Finally, the ending is nothing special. There is no climax to the game, just a cessation of the game for now. Rather simply, this kills the game, because it's not really over, but there's no hint of what happens next. Just a cessation, so it's rather bland, and while you don't know what happens next, you don't care or fear either. Needs polish in that respect.

That said, decent art and atmosphere, but with a SMALL extra bit of HL-style storytelling, and a bug fixed here and there, it'd be 4 stars.

funny game prety good

well for starters this is a little bit hard because this is a multitask game. but there's also another problem, controlling the light and walking at the same time was kind of difficult , you will get a hang of it, but at the same time it also dies out. For does who are new to the game : before the light is almost going to die out quickly press the left mouse button to get a new light orbs(Remember you have a limit of 3 light orbs).I agree with Flowoflife, it does need enemies so that it can be a little bit more exciting and edgy. But i do recommend for you to Try it. it is a good game. Hope this helped! Goodbye! :)

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3.80 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2012
6:45 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other