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Brb, copying egoraptor


This video sounds about right... because it makes any sense... but seriously, nice one!

it's about time someone did this lol

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Lmfao Egoraptor watches Tonetta

Awesome flash!

Very funny argument, and I'd like to know the "music" at the end of the flash.

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I find it pretty funny that you are now accused of copying egoraptor considering other accusations that brawl taunts leaned heavily on egoraptor's style. The "style" that people are commenting on isn't so proprietary, it's basically just exaggerated parodying. Egoraptor himself doesn't really even do it anymore, he's moved on to more of a casual rant format for his newest stuff. He's brought more intelligence into it, which is why he's still respected now.

The difference of the "Spazkid style" is generally about heavy amounts of vulgarity. I think that's what people react to so negatively. Some vulgarity is fine, Prosnorkulus recently used it very well. The twist is that it's better received within the realm of an original work. Creating original, vulgar content is a respectable choice. Adding vulgarity to an existing quality work, such as the WGJ4K parody, can easily be considered insulting.

Insulting isn't necessarily bad of course, Street Fighter Chode was incredibly hilarious. Part of that though is that Street Fighter Chode took parody to a more original level. Beyond that, I'd say your best work is Kawaii Battle Stars - it showed good character design, though I'd call it overboard on the vulgarity. I personally just don't have the best tolerance for that though.

The writing for this particular piece really bleeds through. Bleeding is bad in this case. I'm not saying it isn't funny, it's pretty hilarious up through the "egoraptor is god" bit. Even that bit is a fine bit, but then you decided to go with this obnoxious yelling and screaming thing that doesn't have anything to do with anything. The entire animation falls apart at the electricity sketch. It isn't funny, or witty, or cool, it lasts longer than it needs to and it creates this really annoying sour patch right at the end of the whole video.

Credit roll is spot on. It speaks of purpose in this endeavor, and the existence of idiocy amongst reviewers. Well, here's a review worth reading.

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Spazkid responds:

the yelling bit was well...Im sure you could figure that out.

but thankyou, a very insightful review.

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Feb 10, 2012
2:33 AM EST
Comedy - Parody