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Epexsus Trailer

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NOTE: Theres lots of filter-whoring in here so it may run choppy! But enjoy!

Well I'm back again! With more Epexsus! A series of mine coming some time this year! Starting with the first episode which will be around 15-20 minutes long.

If you are interested however, you should watch me at mrjackle.deviantart.com Thats where im most active

Creation, Story, Characters, Music and Voice of Scar - Me

Voice of Makota - Bryson Baugus

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promete mucho tu serie, la verdad que estoy ansioso por verla

Looks awesome! Can't wait to see it now.

"There IS two humans" ?!!! Aarrrgh. There ARE two humans.

It was a well thought out trailer and it seems you've got a detailed story already figured out as opposed to those who write series with only a simple idea and then improvise from there on. Voice acting and music were adequate.

You mentioned the heavy use of filters. I actually liked it. I just hope to see smoother animation with more frames added in action-heavy scenes. This has great potential pending the dialogue, GRAMMAR!, lip-syncing and obviously the story, but I think you have the last one in your pocket.

Also I noticed the subtitles tweened in the second scene for a bit. You should have them on a separate layer and not have them move at all. Just fade in and out.

Excited to see more soon.

okay, this is well done, and well thought out, I wouldn't mind watching the full length video. that said there are some problems, the houses in the background look like something from the original doom. the animation is strange at times because the bodies dont articulate naturally at points. I would say put more effort into the articulation and generate better backgrounds and it will be in company with things such as Bitey of Brackenwood, etc.

Well, that's great. I can't wait to see the series start.