chestnut avenue (101)

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eraser 5 Points

you found an eraser

hairpin 5 Points

you found a hairpin

pencil 5 Points

you found a pencil

piece of paper 5 Points

you found piece of paper

toilet paper 5 Points

you found toilet paper

green box 10 Points

you found a green box

wires 10 Points

you found wires

kitchen key 25 Points

you found a kitchen key

matches 25 Points

you found a box of matches

the KEY 50 Points

you found the KEY

Author Comments

First game of the "Chestnut Avenue" series in which you'll have to solve some interesting puzzles in order to get out of the house.

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Kinda hard but fun

This one had some good art very artistic style and it just really stood out. now took me awhile to figure out all the different quizes and stuff but they were pretty original and different but then i got the hang of it, this is the game I really like, i will be adding this one to my faves. This one kind of reminds me of a long line of something great, and the long line is well worth the wait, because when this one is all done it brings quality, atyle and lots of fun, So i was pleased with the start to the end aswell as the quality you gave this one.

The part wehre you need to use the pencil to dig up something you actually dont even need that just by clicking on dirt you can dig it up for the next item. you may want to fix that or even just leave it as is.


Nice, but for some reason I ain't getting the medals

love it

Thank god someone made a walkthrough this game has the weirdest way of solving things ever.

I don't know what kind of people you are aiming at with this game, but I find it a waste. I am stuck at the start. Can't get anywhere but two rooms, both of which have a few views, but nothing really can be done. Or of course it can be, but I guess the main 'fun' in this game is clicking every millimetre of the screen, trying to find something that happens.

Bottom line is, I could not enjoy this game. I'm not an idiot, I play these game pretty rarely, but when I do- i expect them to make sense. Don't get me wrong, but I can't find the game in this game. It's too- well "hard" is the wrong word. Calling a game of "needle in the haystack" hard makes it sound interesting and challenging, when in reality- a trained monkey can do it, if he just has a lot of time.

As far as goes the art stuff, I love it. Nice ambient music, as you should do in these games. I hate it when music overwhelms the game, making it a headache, something to get rid of. You haven't done it, which is a plus. Also, the drawing is colourful and clear, also rare in these games. I like it.

Too bad there's little gaming value.

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2012
8:36 PM EST
Puzzles - Other