Heavy Pawnage

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Scour the land for destructible items such as crates and road cones for valuable resources (ammo, health pack and gold). Manage your resources and fight your way against hordes of drones.

-12 action packed levels
-16 weapons
-3 boss fights
-survival mode

-W A S D or Arrow Keys for Movement
-J K L for attacks

This game is about RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, RESOURCE ACQUISITION , SURVIVAL and blasting the crap out of your enemies.

So, if you're a type of player who just like to shoot like there's no tomorrow. Then this game is not for you.
Problems with low amount of ammo? Keep moving right!

Now, stop whining and start pawning!

Thanks for the frontpaged Newgrounds! :)



The game isn't terrible, but there are some obvious design flaws.

1) Grinding - level 3 gets you more money than level 4 and is very easy. This could easily be fixed by making the boss there either a one-time event or just a lot less rewarding after the first time you kill it.

2) Variable damage - this has to go! Since I was mostly a knife fighter (yay, infinite ammo!), I found it very frustrating when a guy that usually takes 3 hits to kill would take 4. This would throw off my timing and let other enemies get within striking distance, especially once they started coming in freaking swarms.

3) Targeting - once again, as a knife fighter, this killed me many times. A guy would be hitting me, and the knife would attack a guy behind him without hitting him. Other times the knife would hit three guys, but sometimes it would just hit one, and three out of four times it would be the wrong guy.

Finally, the opening cutscene just froze at one point. I clicked "skip" and that worked, but I felt like it was supposed to end without me clicking on anything.

Good game in general, you just need to fix some issues.

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ok gg

just 2 things
why do i get slowed when they atack me and why cant i atack bots that are on me, i die reallyt fast if i cans escape soo plese fix or explain.

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I'm not gonna lie, I found it kind of fun for a little bit.
But it definitely has to have some tweaks if you plan on releasing a second one.
First of all, that slowing effect when you get hit is just too powerful. You can't get away, because they'll keep hitting you, and before you know it, you're dead. You can't even turn around half of the time to attack them back, because when they're close enough to hit you, you're usually too close to hit them back for some reason. I had no problem with the guns, though I didn't really get too far into the game to buy many.
I enjoyed the running up to them while shooting then meleeing them. The ability to use any three of your weapons at any chosen moment easily was very nicely done.
Also, not that it affects gameplay, but you should have someone fluent in English spell check your work, as I saw quite a few typos/mistakes.
Other than that, I had a bit of fun with this and am looking forward to a sequel which will have fixes and be improved.

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fuck yeah dude, that's what I'm talking about! I'm like Masterchief whenever I'm playing this game! this is awesome man you get 10/10 man this is some great stuff

argene responds:

10/10? Wow! Thanks man! :D

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4.09 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2012
4:39 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun