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Author Comments

Futurecade offers a glimpse into the science of the future. Each game simulates a technology that is really being developed.

All these technologies must be tested before they can be used in the real world, and that's where you come in. Some of them raise as many questions as they answer.

Bacto-Lab: Drag your E.coli to collect DNA icons in the right order to complete a chain.

Robo-Lobster: Control your Robo-Lobsters to keep the harbour safe from attack!

Cloud Control: Send your ships around grey clouds to turn them white so they reflect the Sun's rays and keep the global temperature down.

Space Junker: Earth's orbit is getting crowded. Clear the junk to keep our satellites safe!

Play all 4 mini-games to see if you can move up the ranks to become a Futurecade Mastermind

All game controls via your mouse.


Really fun set of games you've got here.... I'll give you a little input on each of the games, but overall, Futurecade in its entirety is great!

This has got to be my least favorite game of the 4.
The movement of the amoeba in relation to where you are dragging the mouse is pretty brutal at times. I found myself smashing into anything and everything, and did not get very far. After a little bit of practice.... I was able to last a little bit longer... however I still do not really care for this game.

Cloud Control:
The game is not challenging whatsoever.... I actually found myself too bored after playing for an hour to continue... I have completely shattered the high-score in this particular game, and I killed myself on purpose at the end just because I was tired of playing.

This game is my favorite out of the four. Brilliant work.... I've never played another game like this, although I'm not sure if the concept is unique... Anyway... I'm pretty terrible at it for now.... but it is still very very addictive..... great job with this one!

Space Junker:
Hmm..... here to start... Clicking on the side of a moving object opposite the direction you want it to go is really annoying! Not only for movement in general.... but sometimes I find myself getting stuck at the top and bottom of the screen, just because there is only one place you can click to get away from the side.... the middle.... and if you go off the bottom and re-appear at the top, clicking the middle will send you back to the bottom again.... and there is no way to click to get the ship to move a little bit towards the center, since you cannot click off of the animation.

Anyway.... The music and graphics were amazing....
4.5 Stars!
Great Job, and thanks for sharing with us on newgrounds.

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Not bad! Really not bad! I found myself playing it for about 2 hours straight! I enjoyed how you incorporated facts and opinions and you also allow room for people to question your facts and opinions by viewing both sides of the argument. I found this game fun and challenging in a lot of ways. I like how you incorporated a level up system and how the games got slightly harder as you leveled. Also loved how you had more than just 1 single game. They are designed simple, but they are very fun! Good job! Hope to see more!

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this is quite a game, simple and fun, quite nice in my opinion, with some fact at the end of each game, so you can learn a lil bit and ask yourself some questions, overall, a nice game, keep up the good work

Love how the game slowly gets harder over time, and how it forces you to think about your next move.

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Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2012
11:51 AM EST
Action - Other