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Futurecade offers a glimpse into the science of the future. Each game simulates a technology that is really being developed.

All these technologies must be tested before they can be used in the real world, and that's where you come in. Some of them raise as many questions as they answer.

Bacto-Lab: Drag your E.coli to collect DNA icons in the right order to complete a chain.

Robo-Lobster: Control your Robo-Lobsters to keep the harbour safe from attack!

Cloud Control: Send your ships around grey clouds to turn them white so they reflect the Sun's rays and keep the global temperature down.

Space Junker: Earth's orbit is getting crowded. Clear the junk to keep our satellites safe!

Play all 4 mini-games to see if you can move up the ranks to become a Futurecade Mastermind

All game controls via your mouse.


The messages you put at the end of every game actually gives you some insight on what is happening and makes you think about it. Although the music and graphics has been done very well to make this a real work of art. I found that the games are a little to simple for me to keep my attention for too long and the junker gets a bit hard to control when it hits the edge of the screen. Over all it is a really good game to play for about 20 minutes.

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Super fun!

Love it!!!!

Awesome game. Graphics are awesome and have that retro and somehow that future-y feel. The music is a huge compliment and there was lotsa game variety.


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I love it ....because this game ..i can explain I'm sorry. Like we "save" our self and other people playing this game, and game explain a lot. I hope we all do help each other in the life and the others. ( like helping the God).

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2012
11:51 AM EST
Action - Other