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Dead Zed

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Shoot the zombies, and hold on for 40 days before the help arrives.
Organize your group of survivors into search parties to look for new weapons and more survivors, defend and repair your base.
Each survivor has its own set of skills, use them wisely when distributing into groups.
*The larger the party - the better.
*Have at least someone with higher fight skill in your search party.
*Aim for the head for extra damage.

Mouse to look and shoot.
R to reload
1,2 to change weapons
F to change fire mode
M to mute


I liked the game and the whole finding survivors stuff BUT I hate that when I go to reload the zombies have made it halfway across the field. Couldn't have you just added grenades or some type of big explosion to the game in the beginning to make it easier?

very good game, but automatic weapons have too much recoil.

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Challenging game but very unforgiving, if you don't play it right from the start you can never recover, plus I have to say a large search party gets easily wiped which seems to need some tweaking. Otherwise interesting take on a survivor horror. Everything else was well done. Perhaps you can add an experience function for your survivors, like 1 point every other third wave, just makes sense that someone would learn at what they keep practicing at.

Dude, do survivors appear at random?

I thought the game was fun and entertaining, but I thought it was too easy. I got through the first two areas without my barricade getting hit once. A way to improve this, would be having a difficulty setting.

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4.06 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2012
7:48 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person