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Dead Zed

rated 4.06 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - First Person

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Feb 9, 2012 | 7:48 AM EST

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Author Comments

Shoot the zombies, and hold on for 40 days before the help arrives.
Organize your group of survivors into search parties to look for new weapons and more survivors, defend and repair your base.
Each survivor has its own set of skills, use them wisely when distributing into groups.
*The larger the party - the better.
*Have at least someone with higher fight skill in your search party.
*Aim for the head for extra damage.

Mouse to look and shoot.
R to reload
1,2 to change weapons
F to change fire mode
M to mute



Rated 2 / 5 stars

It was alright...until i lost my ENTIRE search need to increase the chances of finding stuff i only found 2 guns with alot of people in my search team....

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

The idea was pretty good but, the recoil, guns, etc suck. And every time I got out for a search party, I Get nothing.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

If my shooters are going to be useless single shot pistol wielders who can only hit a zombie knocking on the building, the least they could do is help reload my second weapon when I switch from it when I'm out of ammo for it.

They're half-retarded mooks in every sense of the term, who appear to have a single muzzle loading pistol between them to shoot distant targets, die in droves just trying to run around during the day, and don't seem to provide any meaningful search benefit other than what I was already going to get. If I am forced to use mooks in a game, I would rather find some use out of them. That's why I organize them, right?

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

very good.

i think this game concept is very good although it is a bit much like last stand 2. i think it would be a good idea to revisit this idea it the future. i think a leveling up/ xp feature would be very good in the sequel. maybe with perks. but this is a good game.

also, add more story. no-one likes a faceless, voiceless soldier.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

The biggest flaw of this game is the random search party results.

The first time I played this through, I was getting santorum-stat party members. They mostly had good repair skill, which is *ONE HUNDRED PERCENT USELESS* because only a tiny number of zombies get by.

This means my party never finds anything useful, constantly dies, and can't defend worth a shit. It's all about chance, which again, I say is complete shit.

The next time I played through, my first few searches found 2-0-2 people, resulting in me finding loads of weapons, and in one search alone, got me 3 more survivors. Because I got a good chance in the beginning, I was way, way better off later on. I had more survivors than I could deal with. I was banging them chicks left and right.

As for weaponry, I knew headshots were key to the game. I stuck with the bolt action Springfield and used the pistol in case any zed managed to get close enough. I simply used them until I got the AK-47, which was probably the best overall weapon to use (good damage, ammo, recoil, and accuracy). Can pick off zed right as they appear with an AK, unlike most weaponry. The SCARH is just like the AK, except it trades most stats for more power, something you don't need for head shots. It seemed to me that accuracy was not that different among all weapons - mostly the recoil mattered most.

Shotgun and Ingram, holy shit, stay away from those. Terrible, terrible weapons. Springfield > those.

As the game went on, I experimented and stuck with the grenade launcher and Carbine (or whatever that weapons is after AK-47). At the start of the round, I just launch a bunch of grenades way back there and thin the numbers until the runners get too close for comfort, then switch to an automatic weapon (machine gun in this case) and pick off the closest.

In all, nothing new, but it was nice graphics and such. Wasn't hard at all, and that lame starting chance of finding decent survivors and searches really sets the difficulty, even though in my point of view, they count for nothing in terms of defense and repair. Already covered repair (SHITTY SHITTY SHIT), and for defense, they can barely hit the zombie, and only shoot when they're very close.

Problem #1: when survivors are defending, and kill a zombie, it counts against your headshot streak. So if I kill 4 with headshot, they kill one, it resets and I won't get the +10 bonus after the next headshot I make. IN OTHER WORDS, DEFENDING SURVIVORS ARE DETRIMENTAL AND COUNT AGAINST YOU.

Problem #2: When survivors die, it's like... THEY ALL DIE. Ridiculous! It's hard enough hoping they'll find something, let alone find more survivors, but then they're all wiped out. Though they probably deserve to die, being the weak motherfuckers that they are, there really should be some sort of level system so that the longer I make one search, the better he/she becomes at it and won't make me rage.

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