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V-Day Mary Blackjack

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This is our Pleasure Bon Bon Character Mary. Come play a game of Strip Blackjack with her in her Valentine's Day outfit.

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it was good and all but its not strip poker more like tease poker

Man i just got to take almost all of her but her panties and bra, so whats my incentive?, its true too that the games difficult too, so i find this pointless

The teaser games are fairly simple and straightforward. However, it's not all the site has to offer, just a taste to attract new customers and the depth of reward from membership is beyond words. There's a great community, chance to get a custom character drawn and more. Definitely worth a look if you enjoy the game. If you don't, well everyone has their opinion.

(I apologize for the copy/paste reviews, but really I just can't think of a better way to spread the word)

Lower the damn difficulty. It 's impossible to win! (Mostly because in order to win you must completely strip the dealer nude, and according to the reviews, you can not do.)

I've already played this on the Pleasure Bon Bon site. And really didn't feel it belonged here too. Believe me, I'd jump at trying to get quality furry content on Newgrounds, but this just isn't it. It doesn't serve as a great Blackjack game, and with the lack of full nudity it doesn't serve being a good porn game either. I understand it's to get more traffic there, but I don't think throwing out a bit of quality full content could hurt the business.

The art earned the stars, sorry, but that's all I can give.