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A collecting game, see how many hearts you can capture by making loops around them. Use hearts to buy upgrades. A tiny little game I wrote in a few days to play around with different ideas.


Love lasso can now be found on the Android market for .99¢ for those of you who wish to take the game on the go. It was released yesterday, for valentines. Look forward to more interesting updates made by Mb himself, one of our programmers & we will be launching more games on the Android market in the future.


Just in time for Valentines Day 2012! Love Lasso is a game where you drag your finger around the screen, your lasso string following in a fluid manner. The goal is to loop circles around oncoming hearts and to catch as many as you possibly can!

As you collect hearts, you may spend them in the upgrade shop to make the game more challenging and entertaining.

Love Lasso is OpenFeint enabled, which means you can compete with the rest of the world by seeing who can get the highest score, collect the most hearts in one round, or who can keep the most hearts over all. Among the leader boards are various achievements one may earn, such as upgrading to the max and much more.

So quick, grab yourself a copy of Love Lasso and start wrangling up some hearts this Valentines Day! More upgrades will be added in the future, as well as more achievements, challenges, and visual appeal.

Play the desktop game: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /589623
Buy app: https://market.android.com/details?id =com.inop.love&feature=search_result

Certainly an addicting game. And I got a score I can be proud of (for today at least). I just wish the lasso effect was a little better. Sometimes I swear I'm looping them and the game doesn't register it. But overall, very good. I really enjoyed it.

A good time passer.

Not bad. Played it until I maxed out the upgrades. But then I got kind of bored. Still a good game for passing the time though.

Very clever concept! Just in time for Valentine's Day too. Points for originality.

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2.89 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2012
1:26 AM EST
Skill - Collect