Castle Crasher Duders

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Duders Val and MTCaptain enter the world of Castle Crashers...

I actually started this back in '09 and was lookin at it today when I was waitin' for some friends to come over and decided to get-her-done.

Enjoy! The first few moments of this toon we're made over a year ago and I lost the script and just had lines to work with - it was real fun.

Hope you enjoy it.

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lol red & green?!

I really hate to be a jerk but its just boring. Too many long silent pauses between dialogue and very little is happening through out the video. Artwork you put into it is good but overall the video is pretty much uneventful. :/

The general consensus here seems to be that this animation is a waste of time. However, it seems the young non pot smoking crowd does not understand the pot required humor at play here. This is coming from someone who is currently not high. Excellent work! Would watch again :3

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Thanks ya kindly.
I look forward to showing my friends this actually. it should have been done over a year ago. The humor is for sure from myself from a different time, but certainly still funny.

Nothing meaning ful or funny, pretty much a waste of time

Animation was nice.
I found the jokes to both be old and unfavorable,they were just immature and not funny.
The voice acting was done pretty well too.