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Megaman vs Metalman

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Megaman gets his first enemy to face Metalman.


I thought that the animation was good, but you could have done better if you spent more time on it. The music was decent and worked well with the theme. The sound effects weren't that good and the voice acting wasn't great either. I think it would have done better if you made this movie comedy based rather than action. Spend more time with your animations to sharpen them up and make them better. It was a really good length of time for a flash movie so I give you props on that. Decent job altogether. 3/5 for you.

Great battle. I loved the music, which made the battle even more epic. Nice choice on not having to much talking, because if a fight is just talking, it makes the whole thing stupid. :-) didn't get the ending, though.

liked this, was a very nice tribute to mega and metal. the animation as nice but when the vocies came on i felt they were very unclear and maybe un-needed. the music used was a fine touch (from which game was it from?") and for that I'm giving a four.( you have room to improve)


It has potential, and to be honest, it really improved as it continued. The art and FBF animation are decent and they also get better as the flash continues. good job.
The voices were hard to understand, but other then that its okay.

Good job.

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3.22 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2012
9:34 PM EST