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Strategy game about "territory" conquest.
Controls: Mouse only. See in-game tutorial for details.

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easy but good

One of the best games of this kind I have played, it's just what I expected when I clicked.
It's challenging, APM intensive, and there are aLOT of levels and they are very very variated.

But I had to play it in MUTE, because the music fucking sucks, It's like being hammered in the head. So -1s

The title's way misleading. The gameplay's not bad, but it's forgettable. I won't remember this game in a week. It's way easy, too. The music's obnoxious, lacks any variety. 2 stars.

This game lacks challenge and gameplay.

I've never got "beaten" by this game but i got bored of it rather quickly,the only time it "started" to get hard is when the stage is fully covered by the player & AI with no neutral territory and still,if you chain all the territory you can't lose.

You could say i lost because of boredom.

By the way,i was lured by the title since i belive at first it was the Hack anime series.

The Only Winning Move is Not to Play

Gosh, does this remind me of Thermonuclear War. The graphics are simple and look nice, which make this game feel easy to play except for two quirks: One, I wish darkened hexagons that were not currently moving anywhere had some kind of notification when they turned dark, like a white ripple coming from the hexagon. Second, some kind of timer such as a rapidly turning hourglass or a bar filling up repeatedly would have been nice. Since the numbers only changed every second, I kept getting this uncomfortable feeling of lag, even though nothing was going wrong.

The sound effects were good, albeit a bit repetitive. The music was similar; I would have liked if you had several tracks that shuffled themselves during gameplay. For a game as repetitive and methodical as this, neglecting to use Audio Portal integration was a dealbreaker for me.

Now onto the gameplay... This is kind of like the Japanese game Go, only there are a lot more flaws. The first of these is that it's always obvious where to go. Once you realize that the more tiles you dominate, the more resources you build up, it's inherently obvious that you should spread where you can and prevent the enemy from doing the same. Worse, the AI lacks any kind of strategy and seems to target random tiles whereas you can eliminate one group of enemy tiles at a time in order to prevent them from growing.

Where your tiles should go is obvious, and the only thing that ever screwed me up while I was playing was when arrows would disappear due to lack of resources coming from a particular tile. I feel like this is the wrong reason for this to happen; I would have preferred if the arrow turned a different color and went on standby mode until the tile built up enough resources to continue moving them to another tile. Another thing that bothered me about this was that it seemed like a really cheap excuse for making the game 'real-time'. Forcing the player to constantly re-routing their resources from place to place kept me busy enough not to realize how much strategy this lacked until I was several levels in... But unfortunately I did realize it, and I must say it shows how incredibly tedious this game can be.

I only made it 12 levels in and I have no interest in going farther. This game is addictive only because it puts the next level right in front of your face before you can think to stand up and walk away from the computer. Even so, it was a good effort. Perhaps more complexity would add more depth to this game, although tons of powerups and stuff might also wreck its elegance.

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3.89 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2012
9:29 PM EST
Strategy - Other