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Kuburan Wars Racing

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Author Comments

Player can choose one of ghosts to be his or her hero, each ghost has different power and specialty. You will race sidescrolling from left to right. You should be the first (rightmost) character when the finish mark appears to win. You can take the item along the race track. Your special bar will filled gradually and will become empty after you use it. Use the special and items wisely.

Left Click Mouse ât' Click buttons
Up Arrow ât' Jump
Right Arrow ât' Move Forward
Space ât' Use Special when the Special Bar is full.
Enter ât' Use item, this items can be taken all along the track

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Excellent work on this

nice :3

Not Bad, played thru it a couple of Times, but havent been able to really
get into it as much i usually would, but its a fun game to mess around and play while, being stuck in class. :D

seru juga loh haha

enthrean responds:

Nice to hear that (muakacih, nanti game kita laennya dicoba yo)


not bad for the first play, indonesia can....! and by the way need more character

enthrean responds:

Thank you for the kind words,
we will try to get better and better again.