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The Lamaze Daze

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Frank treats his neck pain using a back pad and gets motion sickness!

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HA! Pabst Blue Ribbon, St. Paulie Girl, Groooollllllsh. I always did think Grolsh sounded like someone puking.


This was alright i guess. the animation and style reminded me of the Bioshock animated FYI clips. Not my type of humor in fact a very particular type of humor, because of that i hope it doesn't turn against you if you know what i mean.

Wok on your Voice acting as i it was really hard to understand what was being said. Also don't clutter your clip with SFXs in my opinion it was very very noisy more than anything.

Besides that i guess you can see you have achieved what you aimed for.

I loved it, I must say. Very funny!

umm.............okay weird but definetly different