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Astro Pan!k

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Evil purple enemies of the SYSTEM have invaded it and you are the only security bot, who is able to defend it. Shoot at the enemies to delete them, along the way collect upgrades as fast as you can or you are good as dead without them! Survival of the fittest even in the harsh world of the SYSTEM.

Instructions :
Mouse - move the security bot
Mouse Left Click - Shoot

Collect upgrades by shooting at them. Delete enemies by shooting at them and advance through levels.

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Ok, so i kinda enjoyed playing this game, but there are some things:
The graphichs are meh. Now, I personally aren't really a fan of this glowy style, it looks like 1992 glowstick wars. If you make something minimalistic, do it good.
Also use some more sprites, you only have purple pentagons.
For the background, make it move or something. It bores.

The gameplay: the powerups are O.K. but make them appear more frequently and make them have a despawn time, like 5 seconds.
You can also be spawnkilled, so make invincibility frames.
The shooting is also really inconsistent which is really annoying in a bullet hell-ish game.

By the way, what are those numbers in the corners of the pentagons? I didn't see anything happen with them.

Also use some more music. Loops are better, by the way.

Ok that was it.

Migdolas responds:

I am baffled and honored to have someone still review this ancient game after 4 years since its release! Thank you!

To honor this event, I reply to you 4 years after your comment. This makes us even!

Much time has passed since I've released this game. I was a kid, just 17 years old when I made this. I didn't use any libraries or frameworks - just pure ActionScript 3.0. I wanted to be a game developer but alas, the Impostor's Syndrome got the better of me. So I decided I need to "learn" how to be a better developer and started working and working until I finally became a Senior Software Engineer in a high-end paying job only to quit it a year after. I am now jobless and back to square one. I forgot how to develop and design games because all I know is your cookie-cutter web development...

This game used to have leaderboards to compete in and I remember how a chinese person kept beating me at my own game and we competed for months to end until the service became suspended.

Now I just use this game as a relic of my past to show to people that I used to be a "game developer". I actually have one unfinished game that I chose to be too ambitious and in the end because of my frustrations with programming I abandoned the career altogether. It was called "The Last Slime" and you would fight evil wizards and their towers in a side-scrolling environemnt, using tons of fun and unique spells.

Anyway, I am just using an excuse to talk about some random game that has had 3k impressions and few kind people decided to share their feedback with me. Thank you all and I hope I become a game developer in another life.

Graphics- 1.5

Sound- 2.5

Fun- 2

For a simplistic game, its not bad. There are however some issues.

When an award is achieved, if you are on the left side of the screen you are blinded when it is rises to the top. Maybe just having it flash on top of the screen would be better.

After dying the first time, I was killed again as soon as my new life respawned. Maybe have a second or two of invincibility would help.

The enemies dont seem to change. Maybe even having a few different shapes and/or colors would help make it a bit more fun.

Migdolas responds:

Thank You for pointing out your opinion, it means a lot !

It's alright, but could use a lot of improvement.

The change of backgrounds is nice, I suppose, but the game could also use variety in enemies or even customization for the player character.

At times the shooting was unbearably slow, even with the power-up that increased bullet speed. I found myself dying simply because I couldn't get the bullet out as a purple pentagon barreled towards me. Other than this bullet lag, the game didn't present much of a challenge or require much skill on my part.

Overall, the game has its flaws, but it's still a good waste of five minutes. Not bad.

Migdolas responds:

I am just happy people are ready to spend even 5 minutes of theyre precious lives on my game :) !

Don't see why this is blammed. This game is a little hard, but other than that it's just an average game.

Migdolas responds:

Thanks a lot !

Feels and plays good, nice retro feel.

Migdolas responds:

Thanks a lot !

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2012
7:19 PM EST