The Christmas Party

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If I wasn't such a procrastinator I would have had this animation finished during the holidays. Then Christmas came along and I got some nice gifts to play with so I was distracted for a while. I was going through some of my older favorited flash videos and came across an old gem called The New Years Party by dookiemoole. I still enjoy it even years after it's release so I decided to create a tribute. That, and I just wanted to animate some goofy characters dancing :D If you enjoyed this flash then I encourage you to go check out the source of my inspiration!


I have to disagree with StepStoneBoy. This flash was so-so for me until the music actually started. The ridiculousness of the one-move dance montage is what forced me to laugh out loud and earned a special place in my heart. Were it not for the boy's oddly robust torso and the apparent forced fellatio in the replay screen, this flash would receive a perfect 5 from me. Well done.

the ending could have been a tad better, a twist would have completed it.

It does feel nice and lively, but there are some audio and video issues in the flash itself and it just doesn't feel very finished or polished.

I'm dont know the behind the scenes of flash, but What i say is I enjoyed this flash and I thought it was cool good work. Keep it up

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I'm not gonna lie. This feels like what the portal was originally about. It's pure fun told through animation, and there were some cool things this guy seemed to achieve with the technology. Yeah, the music was Scatman John, and that's kinda copyrighted, but it's not like that's some kind of rarity around here. Yes, the drawing was not up to the high standards to which the likes of JohnnyUtah and The Swain have brought this portal (why am I drawing blanks on more recent artists?), but it contained a liveliness sometimes lost when that sort of quality rises.

That being said, I'm giving you a three because there was that issue with the music and the visuals, and this didn't really feel like a finished product in the end. I'm not saying this is bad, but it's not quite the next Tarboy or Tank Men. Don't take my 3 as an insult, because I'm trying to grade a bit tougher. If you want a five from me, and I look forward to giving you one, you're going to have to polish all of your skills and come up with something that legitimately impresses me. From what you've shown here, I can tell it's possible. All it takes is some pushing on your part.

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3.57 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2012
8:25 AM EST
Comedy - Parody