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This was a little game I built in just over 24 hours. Its the 'sequel' to TankTankTank which you can play here! http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/570530!

But after the first 'game' (lol), I wanted to to make tanktanktank an actual game, so I added an arbitrary point system, and explosions.

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Space Bar: Swing Sword

Humans- Hit them to get combos and points!
Sheep- Hit them to get combos and points!
Barrels- If you hit them enough times, you get more fuel!

Get to the end of the track to win!

Its supposed to be fun but without the instruction, start game, etc its not. And also it will be more fun if we can do beside swinging the sword to get score and fuel.

This is good but the metal cans are very random sometimes you lose because you don't get any when you need them also sometimes the cans don't even go high enough for you to hit them. Same with the people and sheep on that note

Ok i Get it now you use the sword as a bat, to swing and hit the little dudes, sheep, and barrels to give you more points. I sure wish you could do a little more than just swing a sword and be able to get more gas, and actually be able to use the tank missiles, but given it was made in a day is cool.

Good but maybe you could add a 'Start game' button and an 'Instructions' Page