Defend Your Trump

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Claw Crusher 5 Points

Beat the first boss.

Double Defense 5 Points

Beat the second boss.

Young Trump 5 Points

Beat Classic mode.

Triumphant Trump 10 Points

Beat the game.

Trumped-Up 25 Points

Beat the game with at least $100B left.

Author Comments

Swing the hammers of cold hydraulic justice to defend the Donald's dollars from bots & burglars!

Up/Down arrows: MOVE
Space: SMASH

Visuals/Concept: Ansel Lies
Programming: Stevie Critoph

Ansel: This idea's been turning around in my head since 8th grade. I'm glad it's finally outta there, man.

Stevie: Ansel made a demo for this over 3 years ago (which is now 'classic mode'), and after a few weeks of remaking it we pretty much ditched the project (I don't remember why). We revived it like 2.5 years later for no real reason, and here it is!



on the second boss i removed the claws so i could attack it and the electric thing shoved me to the ground and i couldent move atall and the boss regened that was so annoying

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The artwork I thought was quite superb as well as the animation. The concept of this game is amazing and I love it, defend Donald Trump's money from a bunch of robbers, classic idea. The music choices were brilliant, I loved the classical music in this. There were no sound effects which mystified me, it would've been interesting to hear all this going on. The controls work well and are simple, move Donald Trump's smasher up and down and kill things with it, simple. However the gameplay is what does it for me. At the start it was nice and slow, but after that first boss a lot of stuff was thrown at me way to quickly, it would have been nice if some of this stuff was slowly given to us in small doses instead of all at once. It makes it hard to concentrate on so much. Luckily though the curve for multitasking isn't too bad, but I feel a better choice could have been made in the progression of the game. Overall it's fun, but it moves a bit too fast, a game like this could while away hours upon hours if it took its time a bit more.

|| Cheers ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Superb Music
*Superb Concept
*Great Controls
*Great Gameplay

|| Jeers ||
*No Sound Effects

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TOO HARD dude, TOO HARD, i didnt event replay it once

This is a decent game, but the gameplay could use some improvement. I thought it was kind of weird how you would have a game where you would defend Donald Trump. Isn't he usually the kind of guy whom most people don't like? Anyway, it's great to see this really good artwork. It reminds me of the stuff by DanPaladin. That also reminds me that it's been such a long time since DanPaladin has submitted something.

This also probably would have been better if you had added some sound effects to it. It just seems like everything was put together so quickly here. I wish I knew how to beat the boss(es) because I keep trying to hit them with the weapon, but nothing seems to ever come out of it. Well, it's still a game that looks very nicely put together. It's nice for a little time waster.

Entertaining, but needs more.

The graphics are lovely, but the game got really repetitive, and insanely hard. The shocking devices at the sides were too much of a problem, they'd knock the lift down, then once you could move again, they'd zap it again.

A pause button would also be nice too :P

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Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2012
5:38 PM EST
Action - Other